SIS Site Information System

GPS Map of the monument and the tumulus is available. Scientists do not have to rely on inaccurate maps of the past. The map displays the magnetic and the truth north.

Blocklist-Database is available of the artefacts of the Nemrud and the Adiyaman Museum. Scientists can make use of a comprehensive database.

Archaeological Reconstruction Drawings of the heads and the colossal statues are available for scientific use.

3D CAD models are available. The Callidus precision laser scans of the statues, the heads and part of the terraces have been converted into parametric CAD models.

3D animations are available. The 3D solid models have been merged into the GPS map. Accurate 3D models were created displaying the monument in full or in part. Tourists can view exciting 3D animations and scientists can make use of virtual reconstructions.

Squeezes of the relief texts are available, completing the older ones.