At the top of a mountain is no water, food or electricity. The required infrastructure had to be established before any work could be carried out. Everything, from the simplest tool to the most sophisticated equipment had to be carried up. The transportation by mule of a high-tech laser scanner was a practical combination of modern times and the Middle Ages. The logistic manager Anne ten Brink, did a great job.

A site-office and a 20 feet storage container were transported all the way up to the top by a tractor. The site-office was placed next to the container of the guards. The site-office was bordered with walls of stones to avoid that winter storms blowing the office off the mountain. Other equipment followed by mule transport i.e. electric generator and small tools. A mobile water tank provided for the daily need of fresh water. A small crane with a lifting tray was made available by the Adiyaman electricity company.