The North-Terrace

The pilgrims assembled at the foot of the mountain from the surrounding valleys. Here they were provided with food and drink by the servants of the priests. From there, two processional ways led to the sanctuary on the mountain. Both processional ways are marked with a stele close to the sanctuary. On these steles is carved a text. Here, Antiochos informs the visitors that they set foot on consecrated ground and should behave themselves as such.

The southern processional way ended on the West-Terrace and the northern led to the North-Terrace. At the North-Terrace, in the forecourt of the sanctuary, the people were prepared for their meeting with the gods. With some difficulty you can find the worn ramp, where the people entered the North-Terrace.

From there, they could move in procession to the East-Terrace along the 85 metre long row of steles, which separates the North-Terrace from the rest of the sanctuary. These steles bear neither portraits nor inscriptions, as Antiochos probably intended them for his descendants.