Campaign 2002

The 2002 campaign was dedicated to:

  • the further development of the Site Information System
  • the implementation of the NDP Emergency Plan.
  • the research on the actual condition of the reliefs and statues.
  • testing and implementing the best possible conservation and restoration methods.

The existing infrastructure was extended. The team to be accommodated was larger as the year before and the conservation work had to commence. More materials, tools, food and supplies were needed. A pick-up truck was used for the transport of fuel, water, equipment and spare parts. The tires of the mobile crane were worn out on the sharp bedrock and had to be replaced. Unfortunately, two team members of the METU had to be removed from the team; see text of dismissal letter WMF.

The cultural aspect of the campaign was emphasized by a performance of the Akbank symphony orchestra on the 14th of July, as witnessed by the governor of Adiyaman, the Dutch ambassador Sjoerd Gosses, MP Bülent Akarcalı and officials from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Akbank Symphony Orchestra

Akbank Symphony Orchestra