International Nemrud Foundation
The International Nemrud Foundation (INF) was established in 1998 and certified as a non-profit organisation by the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands. The INF’s core goal is to conduct and foster archaeological research regarding Commagene, an ancient kingdom located in present-day eastern Turkey. Over time, this research has resulted in several scientific publications.

Moreover, the INF fosters the conservation of the main sanctuary of Commagene on top of Mt. Nemrud. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism granted the INF permission to coordinate the Nemrud Dag Project under the management of the University of Amsterdam from 2000 to 2003. Grateful for this trust, the INF was able to contribute to the preservation of this unique Persian-Hellenistic monument.

The INF is one of one of the few NGOs having the experience and know-how to accompany such a highly complex undertaking. Thanks to the help from its passionate and committed members, the INF has grown into a renowned professional institute.

INF international identifiers:
ISNI: 0000000494161576
GRID: 510929.6
RINGGOLD: 591735
Contact: inf@nemrud.nl

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GPS and Laserscan reconstruction Nemrud GPS map and 3D reconstruction Nemrud GPS reconstruction Nemrud mountain
GPS and Laserscan reconstruction West-Terrace GPS and Laserscan reconstruction reliefs Laserscan reconstruction antiochos statue
Laserscan reconstruction antiochos head West-Terrace 3D reconstruction antiochos head West-Terrace 3D reconstruction kommagene head
3D reconstruction zeus head West-Terrace 3D kommagene-zeus-apollo-antiochos heads SIS database blocknumber L27 apollo head