NDP: the Heads at the East-Terrace

The heads of Apollo and Kommagene were laying behind the row of statues, vulnerable to weathering and tourists. The tourists felt compelled to climb behind the row of statues to view these heads.

The research on the limestone statues carried out in 1989 by the University of Aachen, indicated that the limestone blocks can not be impregnated. The best protection is to erect the statues and place the heads on pedestals.

All of the heads including the heads of Apollo and Kommagene, were placed on elevated pedestals on the terrace. The pedestals ensure adequate ventilation underneath and ensure to avoid absorption of melting water.

All heads are now placed in front of their own statue on an elevated level. The layer of gravel underneath the heads ensures optimal drainage. No longer there is a risk of penetrating water from below and the growth of algae, or the risk of tourist who feel compelled to climb the platform to see the heads behind the statues.