Campaign 2001

There exists no comprehensive inventory of the pieces and artefacts scattered over the Nemrud mountain, the villages around and the museums in G.Antep, Adiyaman, Ankara, NewYork and Berlin. Many fragments and parts of reliefs are now dispersed over Turkish and international museums. More than a century after the discovery of the site, there was no overview of ‘what is where’.

The 2001 campaign focused on the scientific documentation of the monument. The actual situation was documented first in accordance with the European Code for Restoration. All data and visual information was systematically collected in a comprehensive Site Information System, SIS. The latest technology was applied to develop the SIS:

  • A highly accurate map was produced by modern GPS mapping.
  • The statues, heads and other relevant objects were recorded by 3D laser scanning.
  • A database was designed to document the different objects in a blocklist.
  • A field survey was executed to document artefacts in the vicinity of the monument.

The campaign started at 14th July with the grand opening by the governor of Adiyaman, Halil Işık.