2001-2003 Results

The Nemrud monument presents unparalleled difficulties for a common archaeological project. The work on the mountain monument is an undertaking only the best can master. The works were based on minimum intervention and maximum protection. The results are summarized in brief. To obtain a description in full, we recommend the book ‘Nemrud Dağı’ as published by Professor Herman Brijder, see this web page.

The NDP team of the University of Amsterdam, has saved the statues from total collapse and the reliefs from falling apart. Thanks to their efforts, the immediate threats were addressed as of 2003. The NDP team completed the scientific documentation of the monument, the Site Information System SIS, see the animations below. The NDP Masterplan started in 2001 and ended in 2010. The team was able to complete three years of the Masterplan. The results as stated were accomplished in only three summer campaigns. Indeed, an unbelievable result has been achieved. We congratulate the NDP team of the University of Amsterdam and all those who contributed, for achieving so much in so short a time!

The Board of the International Nemrud Foundation

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GPS and Laserscan reconstruction Nemrud GPS map and 3D reconstruction Nemrud GPS reconstruction Nemrud mountain
GPS and Laserscan reconstruction West-Terrace GPS and Laserscan reconstruction reliefs Laserscan reconstruction antiochos statue
Laserscan reconstruction antiochos head West-Terrace 3D reconstruction antiochos head West-Terrace 3D reconstruction kommagene head
3D reconstruction zeus head West-Terrace 3D kommagene-zeus-apollo-antiochos heads SIS database blocknumber L27 apollo head