NDP: Snow Barrier

A snow barrier was planned to protect the Dexiosis and Lion Horoscope reliefs at the West-Terrace. A snow barrier would protect the reliefs from the melting snow during the spring. The permit had now been given.

Arriving at the West-Terrace, we discovered that masses of snow sliding down from the tumulus had hit the rear of the reliefs. The relief of Kommagene was smashed down and the relief of Zeus had been broken. The upper part had fallen down on the terrace. First, the reliefs were supported properly. Thereafter, the most severe damages to the reliefs were treated. The temporary snow barrier was constructed from steel and wooden beams. The foundations of the snow barrier were made of loose wire-netting baskets filled with gravel. It was clear that at least the reliefs should be protected inside a safe shelter, before proper conservation could start.