Kommagene had an art tradition which was completely its own. It was a unique synthesis of Greek and Persian art. Antiochos stimulated the art in a special way. He gathered together at his court a group of artists and scientists. They were called Philoi, the ‘Friends of the King’.

Under the reign of king Mithridates the arts were still dominated by eastern influences. During the reign of Antiochos, the style became more naturalistic and less stylised. Antiochos himself, preferred the Greek culture. He called himself literally a ‘Friend of Greeks and Romans’.

The statues on top of Mount Nemrud became the crowning glory of Kommagenian art. Here, east and west fused into total harmony. A beautiful example is the head of Antiochos on the West-Terrace. Any superfluous detail that could possibly disturb the form of the statue has been avoided. There are no luxuriant beards, jewelry or other ornaments. In this way a harmonic tension has been realised in the carving of Antiochos. Even today the head of Antiochos impresses the people by its timeless beauty.