The necessary permits and protocols had to be obtained before any work on Nemrud could start. Following protocols were obtained:

Protocol 1999
The protocol dated 24th March 1999 signed in person by the Minister of Culture, Istemihan Talay (see Protocol 24 March 1999).

Protocol 2001
The protocol dated 20th July 2001 replaced the protocol of 1999 and was signed by the Turkish Cabinet. Professor Herman Brijder was granted the permission to lead an archaeological excavation on Mt.Nemrud. To the knowledge of Professor Brijder and the University of Amsterdam, the permit is valid until today (see Protocol 20 July 2001).

Protocol 2006
The Turkish Minister of Culture, Attila Koç and the Dutch Minister of Culture, Maria van der Hoeven agree on the 14th December 2006 on a subsidy of € 2,050,000 for the Nemrud Dag Project, including the construction of a Nemrud Museum. The agreement was not executed (see Protocol Letter of Intend 10 Oct 2006).