Round Table Conferences

The Round Table Conferences were dedicated to the conservation of the monument. The participants were from the USA, Turkey, Germany, Macedonia, Italy and the Netherlands.

The results of the surface research in 2001 were evaluated and discussed at two Round Table Conferences, organized by the World Monuments Fund, WMF and INF. The first conference was in August 2001 at Adiyaman (see Round Table Conferences 1 and 2; plan programme participants) and the second at Amsterdam in November 2001 (see Round Table Conference 2 – Final planning and consensus session).

Participants were international restoration and conservation specialists. In close co-operation with the scientists and the representatives of the Ministry of Culture, a long-term restoration and conservation plan was developed: the NDP Master Plan, including an NDP Emergency Plan (see WMF Round Table field mission report July 2002 and WMF Round Table field mission report July 2002 Appendix-A Turer METU).

In 2002 WMF concluded that a consensus was achieved on the major subjects and withdraws from the project. The Ministry was informed accordingly (see WMF withdrawal letter 17 December 2002). See also WMF: